P.O. Box 535
Riverside, CA 92502


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APALIE is a professional association supporting the professional growth and advancement of the Asian Pacific American legal community in the Inland Empire. APALIE strives to ensure justice, equal access, and opportunities in the legal profession for all persons. The association fosters professional development, legal scholarship, advocacy and community involvement.

To become a member of APALIE, please complete the APALIE Membership Application and submit appropriate dues to:

P.O. Box 535
Riverside, California 92502



2013 Officers

President: Sophia Choi
Vice-President: Eugene Kim
Treasurer: Ricky Shah
Secretary: Lloyd Costales

Judicial Liaison
Hon. Jackson Lucky

Board Members
Sylvia Choi | Warren Chu | Niti Gupta | Justin Kim | Young Kim
Rosemary Koo | Justin Miyai | Julius Nam | Jason Oei | Kerry Osaki
Kay Otani | Angela Park | Ami Sheth | Jean Won | Jerry Yang

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